April 2018 Newsletter

Where has PAS been?

  • Sandy Lane Hotel – St James, Barbados
  • Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • The Pink Sands Club – Canouan Island

A note from our Managing Director:


Welcome and thank you for checking out our monthly newsletter on PAS happenings and hot topics. This month we are focusing on BlackLine Continuous Accounting:

“I’m out of balance… what is going on?It’s not a divide by 9 so I know I didn’t invert anything… why can’t I find this?!?”

I know you know this feeling…

I am not the only one who has struggled with a reconciliation only to suddenly decide to verify the balance… BINGO! I was trying to tie to an outdated balance!

PAS has a solution for this – our pasUNITY integration tool will ensure that you never have to worry about this again. A system integration refreshes your balances on a regularly scheduled basis and gives you the ability to “click and update” on demand as well. No more lost time trying to reconcile bad data, no more bad data!

Check out our offer of the month and happy reconciling!


Offer of the Month

PAS understands the importance of accountability and deadlines.  Click the link below for an exclusive offer to get back on track and have everything in one place!

6 months FREE on a SunSystems to BlackLine Accounts Integration for your 1st property

For this opportunity, simply visit the link below:



Did you know…

From The Experts

…Every BlackLine Account Reconciliation becomes the Permanent Record for your account

Every BlackLine Account Reconciliation becomes the Permanent Record for your accounts; it is Electronically Certified and auditors have easy access to your system.

You have the ability to attach Supporting Items and Documents that back up the values within each Reconciliation. BlackLine will also help to organize your company Tasks with the Task Management module – this can help to keep not only your closing process on track but your projects as well. The workflow is managed through to completion with checks along the way.

Many companies have a very high volume of transactions for credit cards; BlackLine can help to reduce the time needed to match and reconcile these items from hours to minutes with the Transaction Matching module.

Using the Journal Entry module; you can create, review, and approve journals, then electronically certify and store them with all supporting

BlackLine offers so much more than just bank reconciliations and saves you time along the way.


Why Upgrade?

What is Continuous Accounting and why do you need it?

Continuous Accounting affords finance professionals the ability to spread the financial close tasks over the entire month. Why wait until the end of the month and then work like crazy to produce your reports. BlackLine embeds automation, control, and period-end tasks within day-to-day activities. Continuous Accounting is a modern approach that empowers real time financial intelligence and allows finance and accounting teams to provide unprecedented value to the larger business. The result is a more efficient close, more accurate financials, and a more effective organization. And wouldn’t it be nice to take a day off in the first week of the month?

Support Team Tip

How to Configure BlackLine Multiple Check List…

With Task Management in BlackLine you have visibility and control for any accounting or operational checklist for your organization. You can configure via the web-based command center to manage the task in your checklist. Using hierarchical task list, and role based workflow it will allow users to track and control task such as weekly, monthly quarterly and annual task. The process is centrally managed and can have dependencies of each task before they are certified. Email notification can be setup to ensure the task are established, assigned and communicated in your organization to make sure all task in the check list are achieved ahead of deadlines. Automatic notifications warn users of pending task and notify management of overdue task.Once the task in the checklist are created their progress can be managed in real time via dashboards. This will give the leaders in your organization immediate visibility into completed and outstanding task by type, geographic location and due dates.

Provided by – Frank Alfonso – Support Team Manager

Integration of the Month

Each month we will feature an integration that can help you and your business function. Did you know PAS has a….

BAI to SunSystems Integration

…to learn more, email us at info@profact.com, subject line: Doc Mgmt to ERP.


Upcoming Events

Ongoing TrainingOpportunities

Here at PAS, we understand the importance of having a highly trained and efficient team. Last year we saw your help desk tickets, calls and client concerns and hosted our additional training sessions, online, in the comfort of your office. PAS is excited to announce that these training sessions are back by popular demand!

These training opportunities are designed to help your staff navigate through the items they find most difficult. These classes are great for new hires and for those that need to brush up on their skills. Get your team started this year on the right foot!

For your convenience, classes will be available in the AM and PM (EST)! They are 30 or 60 minutes and priced at $50 and $100 respectively. This is a great chance to take advantage of this deeply discounted training rate to get hands on training for yourself and your team.


How can we help you?

The PAS team is comprised of hospitality accounting veterans that know what is needed for efficient back-offices. We continue to work with leading hospitality management companies and hoteliers, like yourself, improving their accounting challenges. PAS offers more than you may know. Over the past several years, advances in technology and software solutions have allowed us to create hospitality accounting ecosystems that have revolutionized the way our clients operate.

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