April 2020 Newsletter

Remembering Mel Insley



Hi Hotel Accounting Professional,

Remembering one of our own … This COVID-19 virus has turned our world upside down. The world of hospitality is suffering, our clients are suffering, our clients’ teams are suffering, and PAS is suffering right along with you. We are absolutely devastated to announce the loss of one of our very own to this horrible affliction.

Melody (Pearce) Insley left this world much too soon. Having put up a valiant fight with this miserable virus, she succumbed to it on Friday, April 3, 2020.

Mel joined PAS in 2015, but like most of the PAS team, she was no stranger to the world of our clients. A Montreal native, Mel started her hospitality career at Four Seasons Inn on the Park in Toronto. And like all good DOFs, she started out in night audit, back when that actually meant something. A few years in, she tried to leave (as so many of us do), and she spent some time working for a retirement community. Many times she told me about how similar it actually was to a hotel, just that all the “rooms” had “long-term stays”. It was an interesting perspective I had not previously considered! After a few years, hospitality called her back. She spent 22 years with Dolce Hotels and Resorts in assorted roles in operations, sales and finance, and PAS met her when she was the senior director of finance. When Dolce was acquired by Wyndham in 2015, PAS Owner Bill Euler saw an opportunity and took it. Before she knew it, Mel was on the PAS team and we never looked back.

The hole she leaves in our lives, both personal and professional, can never be filled. She was truly one of a kind.



– Gayle and the rest of the PAS family

Video: Fond Memories of Mel Insley



To share a fond memory of Mel, please contact Gayle Edwards at gedwards@profact.com.

The PAS team continues to be vigilant in its focus on our customers and the industry – just as Mel would want us to be. Please contact our help desk if we can help in any way (HelpDesk@Profact.com). We wish you all good health, strength and peace at this time.


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