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You’re busy, we get it. You’re an accountant, not a SQL professional, we get that too.

PAS is pleased to offer both Admin and Dedicated Resource contracts. Outsourcing becomes more and more common for highly specialized functions. Outsource your Admin and Support Team needs to PAS. Our Dedicated Resource Team is ready to help you with all of those challenges. Our team is always current on versions, patch sets, and updates. For less than the cost of a highly skilled SQL FTE, you can have access to our team of professionals who know your business, know your users, and know your instance.

Help us help you and sign an Admin or Dedicated Resource Contract today.

Sign in September 2018 and get 12 months for the price of 10. (*some restrictions apply) Call us today!


Did you know…

From The Experts

…PAS offers dEPM & BlackLine administrative services?

Using internal staffing/personnel to handle the administrative tasks associated with dEPM and BlackLine can be challenging.  Using PAS resources for your dEPM and/or BlackLine administrative tasks can help your HR, IT, Finance departments in several ways.  PAS has an entire staff of consultants that work with dEPM and BlackLine every day and have developed expertise in the products, including the administrative tasks related to them.

By leveraging the expertise at PAS, you can:

  • Eliminate the need to maintain current skills and knowledge in dEPM and/or BlackLine updates, versions, patches, etc. and how products affect each other
  • Eliminate finding and hiring personnel with the skill set needed when turnover occurs
  • Eliminate training new personnel in the details of dEPM and BlackLine administrative functionality
  • Reduce loss of knowledge because many administrative tasks aren’t used frequently
  • Simplify job definition/classification if a full time resource is not needed for BI/BlackLine administrative tasks
  • Remove internal corporate politics/biases from product-related recommendations and tasks

Why Upgrade?

Why add BlackLine Transaction Matching to your BlackLine Installation?

BlackLine Transaction Matching makes the most time-consuming part of month end process one of the easiest and most efficient. You will no longer have to manually match bank transactions in your general ledger to your bank statements. Other matching examples would be outstanding checks to general ledger and credit card transactions to gateway or BAI files.

BlackLine Transaction Matching works on a user pre-determined set of parameters and rules that will automatically match transactions in the General Ledger with another source data, such as bank BAI file transactions in seconds instead of hours. Since the system will match these transactions based on the user determined rules automatically in seconds, this will eliminate the pain staking manual hours a user would have to put in at month end. And all transactions that do not meet the pre-determined matching rules will be put aside for the user to review and either accept a match or match manually. This eliminates the need for spread sheets, long hours with numerous colored highlighters, or any other method of madness you might be using.

The bottom line is why spend hours matching transactions from the general ledger to other source data when BlackLine can do it for you. This will give you more time to focus on your month end close and analysis. You can close the month before the deadline, all thanks to letting BlackLine do all the heavy lifting for you on matching.


Support Team Tip

Do you need additional help with the administrator responsibilities for any* of your PAS applications?

PAS can step in and fill that need. If you would like to remove those tasks that need to be done to maintain your application; we can offer you Administration contracts for a few hours a month that will complete those items effortlessly.

These tasks can be customized for your organization.

The maintenance of users is an ideal example of a task that can be completed by sending a note in with your needs.

Any administrative type tasks that would normally be assigned to system administrators would be included.

Provided by – Susan Kozio – Consultant


Where has PAS been?

  • Four Seasons Hotels Safari Lodge, Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali
  • Turnberry JW Marriott Nashville


How can we help you?

The PAS team is comprised of hospitality accounting veterans that know what is needed for efficient back-offices. We continue to work with leading hospitality management companies and hoteliers, like yourself, improving their accounting challenges. PAS offers more than you may know. Over the past several years, advances in technology and software solutions have allowed us to create hospitality accounting ecosystems that have revolutionized the way our clients operate.

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