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Just don’t blink – it can get away from you in a moment. Pulling in data and running calculations to see “where we are” and “where we will be” can be time consuming and error ridden. To be effective you have to be looking ahead, not in the rear view mirror. Check out pasCLOUD’s Daily Reporting with Productivity. Let your system do the heavy lifting so you can do the planning.

Be more cost-effective and productive, without the extra work.

Get started today.

Did you know…

From The Experts

…that with dEPM Dashboards productivity can be monitored on a daily basis?

Not only can dEPM dashboards provide you with your daily performance metrics, financial and statistical data at a glance, you can also monitor and review you daily labor productivity.  dEPM daily labor reports and dashboards allows you to monitor your daily labor, overtime and productivity by department all the way down to payroll position.  The dEPM daily labor reports and dashboards shows the following information…

  • Total department revenue and stats by department for the day
  • Total hours worked broken down by the following levels
    • Department
    • Management vs Non-Management
    • Payroll Position
  • Productivity is reported at each level using the main statistic of that department.  Rooms – Hours per guest room, Food and Beverage – Hours per Customer and Health Club/Spa – Hours per Treatment. 

dEPM Daily labor reporting and dashboards is an excellent tool for management to not only forecast labor hours for the current period but also for budgeting and forecasting for future periods.


Why Upgrade?

Do you find yourself waiting for your BI tool to compile data in order for you to make those ever-important business decisions? Do you wish you could review your data from any mobile device? Are you overwhelmed by all of the data? With the evolution of BI and dEPM you don’t have to wait hours, you can view your data on a mobile device and you can determine the data you want to see and how you want to see it. These are just a few reasons why you should upgrade your BI tool to dEPM and here are a few more…

Here are the Top 5 reasons…

Support Team Tip

How to troubleshoot Daily Integrations reports on the portal

When uploading a report file to the portal for your daily integrations; the cell will normally turn green. This indicates that the file was accepted and the process was completed successfully.

If the cell turns red; this means that your file was not accepted and you need to troubleshoot the error.

Begin by clicking the small icon that is in the circle next to the report name.

The Failure Notification sheet will open so that you can look at the steps that completed and the ones that failed.Scroll down to the ‘Critical’ area and look at the messages that are in the right side box.

There are several types of errors; these are the most common:

  • SUN Business Rules Failure (missing analysis codes, invalid account-analysis code combination, out of balance)
  • Unmapped Accounts
  • Header Errors
  • Format Errors


SUN Business Rules Failure:

1.Log into SunSystems – go to Ledger Import (LIM)

2.The failed report will be on the queue

3.Process the report again, once it fails, print the error report

4.Delete the report from the LIM queue

5.Enter/fix the missing analysis code on the mapping sheet

6.Reprocess the report by clicking on the double arrows

7.There is NO need to delete and re-upload the report

Unmapped Accounts: ‘The following journal lines are either not mapped or not allocated correctly’

1.Enter the unmapped accounts on the mapping sheet

2.Report will reprocess automatically

3.There is NO need to delete and re-upload the report

Header Error: ‘Date could not be properly parsed from header’ or Header does not contain Track Code’

1.Open the report by clicking on the report name

2.Confirm that it is incorrect

3.Delete the report

4.Upload the correct report

Format Error: ‘Index was outside the bonds of the array’

1.Check the format of the report

2.Confirm that it is incorrect

3.Delete the report

4.Upload the correct report

If you need further instructions – you can find a .pdf file
on the portal >My … > Self Help > pasCLOUDTraining and Reference Documents > 01 – pasPortal > Training Documents > Troubleshooting Report Errors – UPDATED

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The PAS team is comprised of hospitality accounting veterans that know what is needed for efficient back-offices. We continue to work with leading hospitality management companies and hoteliers, like yourself, improving their accounting challenges. PAS offers more than you may know. Over the past several years, advances in technology and software solutions have allowed us to create hospitality accounting ecosystems that have revolutionized the way our clients operate.

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