January 2021 Newsletter

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Year-End and Tax Time are here again – read below for tips and reminders about year-end close, 1099 processing, and more!

Year-End Processing!

SUNSystems requires you to post a year-end closing entry. Instructions for posting this are on the portal, listed by SUNSystems version, and including the relevant Q&A Template for pasCloud clients. Click the link below to find yours.

Click for the Portal Self Help Tab

MOD Team for Jan, Feb, March 2021

PAS has an MOD on duty 24/7 for your system critical error support. You can reach them by calling the Help Desk and asking for the MOD for a System Down issue. The call service will ask you for some information we have instructed them to gather and they will contact the MOD.

For Q1 2021 the MOD’s are
January – Stacey Browning (Top Left)
February – Ariel McCleary (Top Right)
March – Randy Andersen (Bottom Left)

The Senior Leadership Team Member handling escalation issues is Stacy O’hearn (Bottom Right)

Team PAS is here to support your success!

US Clients – It is time to process 1099’s

Extract your Tax Data quickly and easily with Q&A

Filing 1099’s accurately and on time does not need to be a headache. The Q&A Queries workbook you received at deployment includes a tab labeled “1099 Extract”. Populate your Business Unit and period information and Q&A will extract the relevant data for you. You can then upload this data into the filing product of your choice.

Need a fresh copy? Click over to the portal and download one by clicking HERE

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