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Gayle’s Blurb


Are you like me? Do you live and die by your checklists? And do they seem to keep growing and growing? And is the #1 task on your list – “Make sure that everyone I assigned something to gets it done accurately and on time?”

Do you live and die by your checklists?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a tool that can handle your checklist for you and actually check that the things you assigned out were completed? Well, now there is, BlackLine Task Management is now configured for hoteliers and will help you keep track of so much more than month end. Track license renewals, insurance renewals, kitchen hood cleaning, balcony inspections, elevator inspections, tax returns, Q&A inspection items, due diligence items, and so much more! Add us to your checklist and come see us at HFTP Annual Convention in Orlando this month. Mention this article and we will give you 50% off the implementation costs for BlackLine Tasks**

See you in Orlando!


Offer of the Month

PAS understands the importance of accountability and deadlines.  Click the link below for an exclusive offer to get back on track and have everything in one place!

10% off Daily Report Configuration in d.EPM

For this opportunity, simply visit the link below:


Why Upgrade?

Why should you make the change to dEPM?

BlackLine Matching allows you to automatically match transactions for a given account based on parameters preset by the user. In BlackLine you can create a multiple list of parameters for matching transactions. Such as Same Date and Amount, Same Check Number and Amount. Same Deposit Date and Amount. Etc. But the special feature of setting parameters in BlackLine is that it is very easy for the user to build parameters with logic.For example you can set a matching parameter that can use a data range for Date and Amount. As you know the day we record the transaction in the General Ledger is not necessarily the same transaction date in the Bank for Example. You might have your deposit record in the bank 2 to 4 days after the date you recorded in the GL. With BlackLine matching you can set the date as a range from the Date it recorded in the GL to plus 4 days out and the amount, and BlackLine Matching will use this logic when automatically matching transactions. You can use the range option to any field you are matching such as amount variance for example. BlackLine Matching can automatically match a transaction for you, or you can preset variances to prompt the user to verify the BlackLine matching if the variance in Date or Amount are past a specific range. This will allow the user to verify the automatic match before it’s recorded in BlackLine to avoid any wrong matchings based on the parameters and variances. The ability to automatically match transactions such as bank transactions, credit card transactions and even regular accounts of importance that you wish to have matched can greatly reduce the labor of manually matching transactions and thus allowing the user greater productivity in other areas of their daily and monthly roles. Adding BlackLine Matching to your current installation of BlackLine will greatly reduce the manual process and reduce numerous hours of labor which in turn will offset the cost of BlackLine Matching and also producing greater accuracy and consistency in matching of account transactions.


Tip of the Month

From The Experts

Did you know…

BlackLine tasks can simplify your month end checklist?

BlackLine Task Management is a web-based tool that allows you to manage accounting and finance tasks and allows users to track a variety of tasks, including monthly close checklist, PBC list and more. Here are just a few of the things that BlackLine Task Management includes:

  • Tiered tasks list and workflows to track various manual finance and accounting processes
  • Cross product configuration so task can be linked to reconciliations and journals, ensuring the correct flow and sequence of all related activities
  • Tools such as real-time dashboards and widespread reports that give managers direct visibility into what has been completed and is still outstanding by task, location and due date.
  • Notifications that give users a warning of pending tasks and alerts  management of any tasks that are overdue and holdups.

With BlackLine Task Management… you can Inspect what you Expect.

Support Team Tip

The Blackline Sandbox can be a very useful tool for you and your staff:

  • Any entries made here will not affect the Actual Production of your system.
  • New accounts or functionality can be tested before making them live.
  • Training of staff can be done using your setup and data.
  • Practice what you learn from Blackline University In your very own testing environment.
  • Support Team Tip


Provided by – Susan Koziol – Consultant


Integration of the Month

Each month we will feature an integration that can help you and your business function. Did you know PAS has a….

SunSystems to BlackLine Integration

…read more about it in our recent press release!


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The PAS team is comprised of hospitality accounting veterans that know what is needed for efficient back-offices. We continue to work with leading hospitality management companies and hoteliers, like yourself, improving their accounting challenges. PAS offers more than you may know. Over the past several years, advances in technology and software solutions have allowed us to create hospitality accounting ecosystems that have revolutionized the way our clients operate.

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