PAS Announces BlackLine for SunSystems Journals – Press Release

PAS has been configuring BlackLine for Hospitality for the last 3 years and continue to see clients experience improvement in their accounts. Not only are journals being done in a timely manner; unusual items are being caught more effectively and are corrected due to the increased visibility into the accounts. If journal entries are a pain point for your accounting team, you’re not alone. Many organizations spend too much time and effort creating, reviewing, and approving journal entries with manual and loosely governed processes that introduce the risk of error.

New enhancements have allowed PAS to further configure the SunSystems journal format to enable self-management of SunSystems business rules within BlackLine. This allows pre-configured AP entry Journal Entry and even unlimited backup attachment in BlackLine.

With BlackLine Journal Entries:

  • Have the ability to link to documents in a document management program
  • Pre-determine who has authority to approve for whom, with the safety of never being able to approve your own entries – there will always be a minimum of two people attached to every entry; Up to 5 levels of approval on all types of journal entry including AP entry.
  • Add on an integrated cover page to your spreadsheets, click to import, and see that not only do the numbers import, but it attaches a copy of the workbook right into the journal entry including all your support tabs.
  • Create automated monthly entries from your pre-existing BlackLine reconciliations. For example, once the Pre-Paid Reconciliations are completed from the prior month – the new entry can be triggered and system generated.
  • Attach invoice or contract copies directly to your entry, eliminating the need to look for them. The approver of the entry can view the support form directly in BlackLine. If the approver requires additional information, the entry can either be rejected back to the preparer or the approver can add additional attachments to the entry without effecting edits to amounts.
  • Create recurring entries to auto-general each month while still allowing you to edit them if necessary. For example – if you accrue RE Tax all year at 1/12th of the total bill, you can create an automated entry that generates every month. Then you can edit it when you actually pay the bill as necessary.
  • Give auditors access to your completed journals within BlackLine – allowing them to see if what was posted matches the backup, was properly approved, and was hands-off posted into the system – once approved.
  • Hands off posting after approval to SunSystems with full audit trail including BlackLine assigned Journal Number as a reference into SunSystems.

There are even Success / Fail notifications with Journal Number back to BlackLine from SunSystems for reference. Don’t be left behind, see what BlackLine can do for you and YOUR SunSystems Journal today!

About PAS:

For nearly 30 years, PAS has been providing back-office expertise to a global client base, including top hotel brands, management companies, REIT’s, and casinos. Their team of experts – certified hotel industry professionals, CPAs, and Microsoft Gold certified technology leaders have worked to develop solutions for a wide range of challenges specific to hoteliers such as financial consolidation, fee calculation, audit pack capture/storage, integration, reconciliation, and standardization.

About BlackLine:

BlackLine helps organizations modernize processes, embed controls, and obtain unprecedented visibility into accounting and finance by centralizing key accounting functions within a single platform. In addition to automating period-end processes, BlackLine solutions enable companies to move beyond the antiquated record-to-report process to a new approach known as Continuous Accounting. This evolution of process optimization and technical automation facilitates continuous monitoring for fraud and inaccuracies, delivering greater visibility to the organization and unleashing accountants to contribute greater value to the broader business. Advance critical accounting operations and centralize account reconciliations, journal entries, variance analysis, intercompany transactions and processing, task assignments, checklists, and the financial close with BlackLine.

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